Fix/Improve (Talk Like Nature)


When I am about to Fix something, I suggest that there is something not very well with the current thing. There must be a very unpleasing situation that had better be addressed with seriousness, emergency and certainty.

By utilising this expression I send a message, to those who are involved, that shows an undermining and downgrading of the worthiness of the object at hand, the situation and the people themselves.

This, however, does not allow any of the participants to reach more successful planes and levels.

It would rather create an even greater gap within the entire group, and the individuals, who are involved, will dwell upon this apparent inefficiency of theirs, which has been mentioned and projected within the subconscious mind.

Talk Like Nature

Using the word Improve as an alternative solidifies the trust, which I prefer, in the result or the situation and gathers confidence through the recognition of the effectiveness and the already created good result.

Improve suggests trust in and acceptance of what has been created so far and is aligned with Nature’s attributes and methods of creation.

I am able to have strong harmonious feelings solely by knowing that what has been achieved so far has value, and thus, I am as well valuable and appreciated, granted by my previous actions. My better choice, in order to create a strong foundation for further growth and advancement, is definitely the favour of the words Improve and Improvement.

These support greater levels about to be reached, and the pure acceptance and the acknowledgement of value for all the people involved.

‘It is time for improvement.’ is a very sufficient and profound statement, once I would like to experience something new and greater, based upon the current constructiveness. Nature creates and builds upon acceptance and approval, and I can do so as well by the constant utilisation of the word Improve.

Any time that I truly use this word with my profound awareness of the entire process, which is actively present inside my subjective and objective world, I create a stronger starting point with every one of my actions. I solidify a trustworthy foundation to build upon whatever I envision in my mind.

From: Talk Like Nature by Danny Oceans




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